Swimming season is here and I have been capturing some fascinating action shots. Angleton Aquatic Club  has many new swimmers, and I just love catching their expressions while they are in the water. Fast action and often just a few breaths, timing is everything.  With an average of 22 seconds, in 25 yards, capturing that one action shot can often be a challenge. Every stroke has it’s level of difficulty, but nothing stops me from aiming to get that one action shot of your swimmer of every stroke they swim. Butterfly and breaststroke are usually the most challenging and having the best angle or position to shoot, is not always possible. Freestyle can pose a challenge when the swimmer only breathes one direction, and its opposite from where my camera and I stand. Backstroke is usually the easiest to capture, from a side view, but a front few gives a different dynamic.

I love shooting at the outside pools, they always make for the best lighting. Sometimes the glaring sun can make harsh shadows, but our early morning meets typically limits that effect. Each Saturday from June until mid July, swimmers are up and ready to get into the water by 7:15am. Each meet, swimmers strive to improve their times with each meet and every event they swim.

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