This year was a huge success in capturing the class of 2014. I had the pleasure of meeting a half dozen graduating seniors from Angleton High School and documenting their final year of high school. All of these lovely young ladies were fascinating, determined and strong minded. I know that their journey has only begun in the tour of life. Adriana is full of laughter and smiles, she pretends to be shy in front of the camera. Alejandra is , she is too quiet but determined and the camera loves her smile. Carolina, she is to the point, open minded and very at ease in front of the camera. Kenia has the most adorable smile, knows what she wants and a camera’s best friend. Liliana started off a little shy, but warmed up quickly to the camera and really showed off her smile. Melanie, don’t let her quietness fool you, she knows exactly what she wants so it is a good thing the camera adores her. Morgan, she is just full of life and laughter and super fun in front of the camera.

We wish all our graduating seniors the best as graduation is not the end, it is simply just a beginning.

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