Many of you may not think much about what happens to your photos once your session is done. While it seems easy to ask someone to pose and smile and then just push a button, a photographer’s job doesn’t end there. Your photos are then uploaded to a computer and “edited”.

But what actually goes into “editing”? Every photographer has a certain style of editing they use, some get more creative then others. Freckle Photos keeps our edits simple and realistic, keeping your captured image as close to the scenery as the time it was taken. We know that not every client has flawless skin, and that adjusting our lighting will not hide all blemishes. From minor acne the day of the session, to dark or light spots in the skin, to wrinkles…..Freckle Photos edits these imperfections to make our clients look naturally flawless. ┬áSome examples of our before and after will show not only the style we edit, but the naturally flawless look we present our clients when they see their photos.


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