Paige11Once your session is complete, take a breath, your photos are in good hands! In 5-7 days your photos will be uploaded to a private weblink for you to view your photos and to share with friends and family. You will receive an email with your private weblink that you can view all final images from your session.

Images that are uploaded for you to view, typically include at least 2 collages in preset sizes. Special requests can be made for storybook photos or collages from your choice of photos. FrecklePhotos keeps post-editing simple and clean, some images may be presented in black and white (or similar tone) while most will remain in color. Additional time for special requests, including editing or creation of collages or storybooks, will be needed.

All images that are uploaded to that weblink will have a picture name and a picture number. As you are going through your photos and making your d

ecision on which images you would like to have printed, please note the picture name. Your order must be placed using the picture name and not the picture number.

If you have not already chosen the Print Collection you would like to order, now is the time to decide. Your weblink will stay active for 45 days. Your order must be placed within that time period. To order your photos, download and complete the Order Form and email the form

Once your order has been submitted, please allow 7-10 days for your order to be filled. Once your order is reviewed for quality, arrangements will be made to present you with your order.

♦ Wedding Sessions will take 3-4 weeks, larger session may take more than 5-7 days.